Triggr is a personal security mobile app thats lets you quickly and silently report or alert your loved ones (your circle members) of any emergency(security issues) you encounter without the need to make a phone call.

Once you press any of the emergency buttons, the app automatically detects your current location, alert the members within that circle with accurate location where the emergency button was pressed.

It covers emergencies such as Sickness, Car Breakdown, Accidents, Rape, Robbery, Riot, Kidnapping, Fire, and Gas. Aside the use of preset contacts, it has a self-help feature which offers information on nearby aids, their distances, and contact details in a user’s geographical location. Therefore, it is a very handy tool for families, friends, travellers, vehicle owners, employers, workers, medical service providers, law enforcers, drivers, businesses, groups, etc. Businesses can also register to be seen at locations.

You simply add preferred contacts as aides, and press the corresponding buttons to send alerts in emergencies. They will pick your location and arrange necessary help

Triggr also provides a unique feature called Group Coordinated Response (GCR). This is a small chat group which contains individuals added to a circle, to talk to each other and coordinate response when security issue is alerted.


- Report Emergency to your circle for quick help
- Track Emergency
- Add and manage your own circle
- Ability to decide whether to join a circle or not
- Self-aide to provide quick help
- Group Coordinated Response (GCR)


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