BlueExpert Consulting Ltd (BlueExpert) is an enterprise technology service provider registered in Nigeria, and established to engineer unique solutions and services for national socio-economic transformation.

We engineer technologies to drive improved daily operations and life experiences for the man-in-the-street with unique focus on eBusiness, eGovernance, eEducation and utility solutions.

Therefore, our services include software application development(web, mobile and desktop), process automation and system integration ...



We provide solutions to drive business forward with a unique customer experience.


We automate government processes for effective governance.


We make learning easy and more interesting with smart technologies.

Utility Solutions

We provide utitlty apps and solutions to make our society a smart one.


We offer superior values to individuals, businesses, and nations; hence, our products and services span both the public and private sectors of the economy, regardless of size, location, age, or time.

Leadership : To lead in the market, we encourage and cultivate a culture of innovation and idea celebration. This way, we grow deep and broad.

Professionalism : BlueExpert Consulting is a believer in standards and excellence. Therefore, it is insisted that all staff gets the highest certification there are in the field of practice.

Collaboration : Realizing that whatever we do has been done in the past, albeit in little dimension, we seek to leverage existing strengths, to take charge of the opportunities in the market place. We therefore avoid reinventing the wheels, and emphasize partnership wherever and whenever possible.

Let's Create Something Together

Our staff is a "waterfall" of industry experts with a broad diversity of educational and professional backgrounds but with a shared passion

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