BlueExpert Consulting Ltd (BlueExpert) is an enterprise technology service provider registered in Nigeria, and established to engineer unique solutions and services for national socio-economic transformation.

We engineer technologies to drive improved daily operations and life experiences for the man-in-the-street with unique focus on eBusiness, eGovernance, eEducation and utility solutions.

Therefore, our services include software application development(web, mobile and desktop), process automation and system integration, software training and maintenance services.

Combining several years of experience in multiple sectors of the economy, BlueExpert partners its clients to build more profitable businesses, virile economies, effective governments, and smart societies. We offer superior values to individuals, businesses, and nations; hence, our products and services span both the public and private sectors of the economy, regardless of size, location, age, or time.

BlueExpert distinguishes itself in the market by five major mandates on every of its engagement:


BlueExpert’s staff is a "waterfall" of industry experts with a broad diversity of educational and professional backgrounds but with a shared passion: exceptional problem solving with significant impact on the client’s success, and national economy at large.

With a combined working experience of over 10 years in business consulting, information technology solutions, financial services, public service, project management, and more, it has the flexibility to seamlessly innovate itself to ensure clients’ satisfaction and great user experience.

BlueExpert values diversity and continuous education. Therefore, our people come from diverse nationalities, and exposures. However, the richness of our backgrounds, work systems and core values are well galvanized to make each staff an ‘entrepreneur of solutions’, giving us the strength to tackle even the most complex of clients’ problems.

In BlueExpert, the rule is: ‘See opportunities in complaints, build leverages on them, extract values for end-users, and impact an aspect of the society.’

Also, BlueExpert boasts of a corporate governance structure that adequately ensures that its operations are well run to meet corporate goals. Each staff understands the company’s business model, and plays a critical part in the success stories.


BlueExpert's provosts have extensive expertise and insight in a wide range of industries. Having a deep understanding of the industries its clients operate in, and the interaction between the different factors in the various industries, enables BlueExpert principals to deliver best-fit solutions from the clients’ perspectives.

BlueExpert's industry expertise includes:
. Government
. Education
. Security
. Financial Services
. Commerce
. Manufacturing
. Telecommunication
. Healthcare
. Entertainment
. Media

Our Mission

To be among the top 10 providers of indigenous technology solutions in West Africa, by 2024.

Our Vision

To be among the top 10 providers of indigenous technology solutions in West Africa, by 2024.